How to Use Social Media To Boost Your Career

There are billions of users on social media and it is changing the whole structure of businesses around the world.

The opportunities and careers in this vast empire are endless. At its best, social media offers you to expand your brand in any part of the world and to reach any kind of audience you want.

Many have successfully found new opportunities and careers but how do you use social media to develop your career?

Social media for career development

Social media is vital for career development because it has become a powerful way to network.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram has become a place to create a network of friends, fans, followers, connections and professionals.

The connections you create on social media could assist you in getting a new job, finding a mentor, learning more about your industry and more.

Grow yourself on social media

Social media can be viewed as a tool to grow your personal brand honestly and genuinely.

You need to understand that every platform has its own set of rules. Study the type of audience and customise your content for each platform. ⁣⁣

Do not be surprised if a recruiter or hiring manager stalks your profile. On LinkedIn, you would be able to see who viewed your profile and their designation.

The new approach of hiring is not necessarily based on your skills, but on your personality and shared values. This is because your skills are not unique, but you are.

Can social media get you fired?

While social media can assist you with getting a job, it can also get you fired.

Posting that you hate your employer, company or colleague is definitely a bad idea. Posting some personal opinions can also get you in trouble and even cost you your job.

Being active on social media does not mean you can post anything you want. Ask yourself whether you really need to post that and what you will gain from it. The answer is probably not enough to take a chance of losing your job.

Last but not least

Engaging on social media is probably the most important rule of etiquette to follow. This is because social media is a place of exchange. As a member of the community, everyone needs to contribute.

Without engagement, social media does not exist. Always engage in other people’s posts. At the same time, try to respond to all comments and messages as quickly as you can. You never know as your future employer could be one liking and commenting on your posts.

Go on and bring the change, because you are the change.



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Aaron Nason

Aaron Nason

Malaysian Writer | Editor for Marketing In Asia | LinkedIn Icons In Malaysia You Should Follow In 2019